Studio Artists

Owner of Storyclock

Geoff Pepos enjoys blending app development into filmmaking with VR and interactive installations. He has designed and coded enterprise sized systems and had a feature film in the Dramatic Competition at Sundance.

Owner of Elements Mixed Media

Seth Warren is the owner of Elements Mixed Media, a business that grew from the pulse of stories driven by the nature-propelled world. Ocean. Air. Mountains. Rivers.

Studio Resident

Lucas Cleaver holds a special place in the ZACC's heart having a studio in our facilities. We are lucky enough to see his stunning paintings at every stage of their creation. Lucas' mixed media paintings are bits and pieces of creativity influenced by his environment, spontaneity and free will. His aesthetic is part Jackson Pollock and part children's book illustration. His explosive compositions are spattered with imagery derived from seemingly random shapes in colorfully splashed and poured paintings.

Art Therapist

Kim Brown Campbell has practiced art therapy at the ZACC since August 2011. Kim holds Master's degree in Art Therapy from the George Washington University and a Doctorate of Education from the University of Montana. In addition to practicing art therapy since 1996, she writes social service grants for the University of Montana and Missoula County, and directs the Intimate and Family Relationships course clinic via the Counselor Education Department at UM.