Ages 8-16

Metalsmithing for Kids: FULL!


This camp is full. Please consider signing up for another camp!

This class will investigate the craft of jewelry making and metalsmithing! Learn the techniques of metal stamping, beading, texturing metal with a hammer, gluing, sanding, stone-setting, designing, and collecting. You will leave class with your own handcrafted jewelry, medallions, and more. 

Visit here for our accessibility information.

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Mural Camp-FULL!


Sorry, this camp is full. Call us to get on the waiting list. This hands-on, outdoor mural workshop will lead students through the process of designing and painting a public art piece for Missoulians to enjoy and admire for years to come, led by Patricia and Tim Thornton.

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AMP: Radio DJ Camp


In this camp kids will create a radio ad, make a radio drama, meet local musicians, sound artists and even special guests from the world of Missoula radio. Learn how to make sound effects, review music, record and edit sound. 

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Tune-Up Tuesdays


Get out of garage and into the basement! Stop practicing your music all alone in your house or garage and join a group of like-minded young rockers to jam out together, continue making music, and learning more skills from instructors around.  

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Co-Ed Rock Camp. FULL!


This camp is full. Sorry. Please consider signing up for one of our other camps. Please call the ZACC at 549-7555 to get on the waiting list. In this camp, boys & girls will build self-esteem together through music exploration. Regardless of musical experience, campers will receive instrument instruction, form a band, write an original song, and perform at Family Friendly Friday on June 16th at the Top Hat Lounge. 

All supplies and musical equipment provided. 

$235/$225 for Members | Ages 8-16 | June 12-16 | 10 am to 4 pm

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