Adults (16+)

Color Block Printing


  This class is suitable for people who have never made block prints and for those who have worked with the medium in singular colors before. We will learn how to make a puzzle-piece multiple color print from linoleum and how to make a color reduction block print. Students will learn how to print their images with an etching press and by hand.  July 9th: Bring in examples of color relief prints. Discuss materials, designing, carving, paper, registration with pin & tab, pull some prints! Preach the importance of cleaning up!

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List price: $140.00
Price: $140.00

Exploring Collagraph W/Bev Glueckert


Bev Glueckert is the ZACC's 2020 'Last Best Print Fest' honoree. We are thrilled to have her teaching with us this summer! Collagraph is a versatile plate-making process that offers a wide range of creative freedom in developing rich tones and dimensional surfaces within your prints. This collage-like process invites spontaneity and experimentation. No prior printmaking experience required!

Visit here for our accessibility information.

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List price: $45.00
Price: $45.00

Open Figure Drawing: Collaboration with MAM!


We are collaborating with the Missoula Art Museum to host weekly live model figure drawing sessions at our two locations. Sessions are model led with no instructor, and will be held from 2-4pm at the ZACC on the first and third Saturdays of the month, and at the MAM on the second and fourth saturdays. Sessions are $10 to help pay our talented professional models. Drop-ins welcome. 18+ unless accompanied by a guardian.

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Price: $10.00

Wild Walk Relief Print and Tall Flag Performance


Five Monday's March 4th, (SKIP the Monday the 25th for SPRING BREAK) through April 8th. In this five week class students will design an image for their tall flag, carve thier image into wood, print the image, make a tall flag, and learn a tall flag routine! Those who want to can join the, "ZACC Tall Flag Team", and march with us in the, "Wild Walk", parade on Sat April 13th.A materials list will be handed out the first day of class.Visit here for our accessibility information.

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Price: $135.00

Ceramic Garden Buddies: Hand-built Garden Gnome Workshop


 It's that time of year again to get out the ole' potting soil and trowel and start planting those seeds! But no garden is complete without a little buddy to watch over it while you are away. In this two hour hand building ceramics workshop, you will learn how to design, sculpt, and glaze the perfect garden figural sculpture. All materials included, no experience necessary. Pieces will be fired in the two weeks following the workshop, just in time for father's day! Visit here for our accessibility information.

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Price: $40.00

3 Week Evening Pet Portrait Painting Workshop


We all love our pets. What better way to honor them than with a beautiful painting? In this three week workshop, we will provide the materials and know-how to create a one of a kind acrylic painting of a pet that is special to you or a loved one. Learn the fundamentals of acrylic painting and pick up some new tricks. Please come prepared with printed images of the pet you would like to immortalize (or send them to to be printed here).

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Price: $150.00

Printmaking Workshop w/ David Miles


Over this 5-week course, students will learn a variety of printmaking processes through 5 sessions, focusing on a series of projects and experiments. Processes include screen printing, relief printing, and intaglio printing. Students will also be given an introduction to the history of printmaking, and the works of historic and contemporary printmakers. Experience is welcome, but not required.Visit here for our accessibility information.

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Price: $125.00

Beginning/Intermediate Screen Printing


Instructor: Patricia Thornton Tuesdays: March 12th, 19th, SKIP THE 26th FOR SPRING BREAK! April 2nd, 9th and 16thThis dynamic multi-week class is the perfect introduction and further discovery into the world of screen printing. Students will learn the fundamentals of screening on paper and fabric. Completion of this class or equivalent experience is required to rent the ZACC Print Shop unsupervised!   Visit here for our accessibility information.

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Price: $125.00


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