Summer Camps

Ready for summer!? We take special care to create the best curriculums possible with the most talented, experienced, and innovative instructors that Missoula has to offer. We accept a maximum of 15 kids in each camp in order to make sure each child gets adequate attention and quality instruction. Each camp is aimed at creating community connections, building self esteem, and helping youth to access their creative voice.
*Kids enrolled in both morning and afternoon camps stay with us through lunch and go to the park!!*
If you wish to hold your spot in camp without paying for the whole camp in advance, you may do so with a $50 non-refundable deposit.

For families who need assistance with the costs for enrolling their youth know that we happily offer scholarships. Thank you to The Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation for providing scholarhips to ZACC classes.

Thank you for your interest in our classes. We currently do not have
classes in this category. Please keep exploring our other classes!