Paint Your Own Pottery Field Trip

Total Cost: Varied
$75 field trip fee + Varied cost per participant

*Per participant fee is dependent on selected bisque items. Items start at $5 each, and increase in value. Field trip coordinators have the option of selecting one like item for each participating field trip attendee, or attendees can select their own pieces.

(E.g. If there are 15 students in attendance and each painted a $5 ornament, the cost would be $50 + (15 x $5) = $125)

Time and Place:
2hour field trip at the ZACC

What to Expect:
Field trip participants can expect to engage their creative side by using glaze to paint onto pre-made 3D ceramic bisque-ware items. We have a wide variety of bisque items from which to choose, and our glazes are formulated to allow maximum flexibility and creativity.

We’ll start by having participants map out some possible designs using paper and crayon/colored pencils/markers. Participants will then have a brief “critique” where they will work to determine which design they like best and why. Lastly, participants will translate their designs onto their selected piece of pottery.

*Please note participants will not be able to leave with their creations same day. Pieces will need to loaded into the kiln and fired. Field trip coordinators can expect pieces to be ready within approximately two weeks of field trip date.

To help us adequately prepare for your field trip, we ask that you please provide ages of and approximate total number of participants in attendance prior to the date of the trip.

Items created during field trip will need to be picked up from the ZACC at a later date. Please feel free to call and inquire about the status of your pottery, as the ZACC will not call when items have been fired.