DIY Printshop Prices

Prerequisites for Renting/Using The ZACC Print Shop:

  • Take one of our five week printmaking classes in the print method you are interested in.
  • Students with prior experience - Complete a one-on one walk through with the Print Shop Manager. $35 an hour 
  • Students with no experience - Complete five, one on one sessions with the Print Shop Manager. $35 an hour



Community Rental (Shared Space)

  • $10 for the first hour, $5 each additional hour (members)
  • $15 for the first hour, $5 each additional hour (non members)

Reservations and Event Pricing

  • ·      One-on-one walkthrough

    $35.00 per hour

    Make an appointment for a One-on-One Walkthrough.  We will help you understand, step-by-step any printmaking process (screen-printing, relief, intaglio, collagraph, mono-printing, etc.).  

    ·      Print Party (BYOT)

    $200.00 (for two hours) Throw a PARTY in the ZACC gallery AND screen-print t-shirts with your very own design!  Perfect if you need to make t-shirts for you kick ball team, for a business retreat, clubs, youth groups or family reunions!  One color.

    ·      We Print Your Event (BYOT)

    $250.00 (for two hours)ZACC staff will come to your event and live relief or screen-print t-shirts with your business or event logo! The perfect way to raise awareness for a cause or spread your brand in a dynamic and interactive setting! One color.

    ·      Field Trips (BYOT)

    $150 (for two hours) send us a black and white design that we can burn onto a screen and print the same day. One color.

    $200 (for three hours) Create a collaborative design with our printshop staff, burn the design onto a screen and then print it. One color

    $200 (one hour at your school and two hours at the ZACC)The ZACC will send one of our print shop staff to work on a collaborative design in your classroom. Your class will then come to The ZACC, on another date, to print the design. One color



We do not sell printmaking supplies. Please bring your own.