Color Block Printing

Adults (16+)
Tuesday, July 9, 2019 - 6:00pm to Tuesday, August 6, 2019 - 8:30pm

  This class is suitable for people who have never made block prints and for those who have worked with the medium in singular colors before. We will learn how to make a puzzle-piece multiple color print from linoleum and how to make a color reduction block print. Students will learn how to print their images with an etching press and by hand.  July 9th: Bring in examples of color relief prints. Discuss materials, designing, carving, paper, registration with pin & tab, pull some prints! Preach the importance of cleaning up! Outside of class workshop attendees should gather materials and work up sketches for a puzzle-piece linocut. July 16th: Further discuss mixing color ink, demo blended rolls, setting the pressure on an etching press, and demonstrate hand printing. Students will have a work day to carve with ZACC gouges and hopefully time to prep their paper for registration. July 23rd: Make prints of the first project! Bring in examples of color reduction prints. Outside of class students should gather materials for their color reduction project and sketch a design for the piece. July 30th: Demo a 2 color reduction print. Students will have time to transfer their drawings to their blocks and begin carving. Homework: set up all pins & tabs on editionable paper and hopefully finish carving 1st layer of reduction.  August 6th: Last day to finish up projects in class and sling ink. Visit here for our accessibility information.