Rebecca Weston - #Metoo Permitted Expressions

Friday, November 9, 2018 - 5:30pm to 8:30pm

 Opening November 9th 5:30 - 8:30  Artist’s Statement: By training and by profession, I am a psychotherapist who focuses on interpersonal trauma.  I have always been interested in photography as a visual extension of my interest in people and how they interact in their world.  As a child, my father’s photography functioned as our family diary – and was for me a continual source for validation, renewal and questioning.   I have been shooting seriously for about three years and have had two shows. My first was in Stockholm, Sweden (entitled, “Street Photography Al – Andalus 2014 – 2015”) and the second was at Le Petit Outre last fall. I have had three different pieces published in international street photography collections. Last year, I took my first photography workshop (storytelling through street photography), but otherwise have taught myself and benefitted substantially from various on-line critique communities.    Having first deepened my experience with photography while living abroad and through extensive and sometimes exotic travel, the goal of my current work is to discover the new, the story, the human experience that is much closer to home. Unlike political activism or psychotherapy, when I am shooting, my relationship to people is not about dialogue or intervention, but about creating a frame of seeing and allowing the moment to be what it is.  As much about the process as about the shot, photography allows me to appreciate quietly, let go swiftly, and remain marginal — precisely the opposite of a good psychotherapeutic connection.    Artist Biography:  I am a Mom, an activist and a psychotherapist, by training (having grown disillusioned as a lawyer way back when). We moved to Montana from New York City about 10 years ago -- but I grew up in Iowa City, Iowa (a town not so different from Missoula). My grandmother -- one of the most inspiring women I have ever known -- became a printmaker when she was about 50. I can only hope to channel an ounce of her creative spirit.Visit here for our accessibility information.