Friends And Family Call For Art

Saturday, December 1, 2018 - 3:15pm

All past and present staff, board members, volunteers, studio holders, instructors, students, ZACC Main and Hallway Gallery artists and ZACC collaborators are invited to submit to the ZACC staff and friends show. The deadline to sign up is November 1st. Pieces will need to be dropped off by November 26th. The opening will be 1st Friday, December 7th, in conjunction with our Holiday Open House. Woohoo! Big crowd. You are welcome to put something old or something new in the show. There is no need to submit a picture of your work to be accepted into the show- you are automatically accepted with this invite. But if you do upload a pic of your piece, we will be excited to have it for promotional materials. When committing to the show, please add a few sentences about how you are associated with the ZACC and why you love the ZACC. These quotes will be printed below your work. All work will sell at the ZACC gallery's standard rate of 70% to the artist and 30% to the ZACC gallery. We are proud to have you in the ZACC Family. Thank You!

The opening for the ZACC Friends and Family show is Dec 7th 5:30 - 8:30

Sign up on submittable so we know to expect your work -

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