Lukas Phelan

Education & AMP Director

Lukas Phelan is an artist, musician and educator who grew up in Montana. He is a multi instrumentalist who has played in several bands in the Missoula area, including Fantasy Suite, j sherri, Shahs, and Ancient Forest. He records and distributes music at HOYA Recordings. Lukas is excited about bringing people together through music and works to create inclusive spaces for makers of all ages, genders, races, sexual orientations, and levels of musical proficiency. He holds a BFA with Teaching K-12 Art from The University of Montana and has taught art and music in the Missoula community in a number of different settings and venues.

Lukas's Passion Outside the ZACC
As a visual artist, Lukas explores contemporary notions of place, nature and metaphysics through painting and installation. Lukas also loves swimming, watching movies, and spending time with his cat Topanga and his wife Zoƫ.