Plien Air Painting W/ Watercolor

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Adults (16+)
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Sunday, May 21, 2017 - 9:00am

Five Sunday Mornings - May 21st and 28th, June 4th, 11th, (Skip the 18th Farthers Day) and 25th Plein Air painting refers to that which is done on site, out of doors, since it is challenging to recreate natural light situations in a studio setting. As a class, we will meet once a week for five weeks, at a prearranged location TBA, where we will separately and collectively investigate strategies for painting natural settings, including class discussion on color mixing, application, methods and materials. Time will be allowed for brief critique, suggestions, and feedback.Materials List for Plein Air Pan or tube watercolors Suggested huesAlizarin Crimson or Napthol Red    Lemon Yellow or Chrome YellowCadmium Red light or medium    Cadmium YellowUltramarine Blue                              Chinese WhitePthalo or Prussian Blue                  Mars or Ivory BlackOptionalEarth tones - Yellow Ochre, Raw/Burnt Umber, Raw/Burnt SienaWatercolor Easel OR drawing board ( *large enough to to support preferred paper size)Brushes: Assorted brushes appropriate for smaller sized work -Flat and round bristled brushes, mop brushes ( usually squirrel haired works best )Paper - Students are encouraged to bring either watercolor sketchbooks ( spiral bound or otherwise), or, if preferred individual sheets of watercolor paper. ( 140 lb. or heavier recommended.)porcelain mixing tray or other pan-like container for mixing colorportable water containerpencils - HB or harderOptional: masking fluid, toothbrushes, Q-tips, X-acto knife, sponges, blotting paper or rags. Visit here for our accessibility information.