Mikyla Veis

Marketing, Events, & Community Outreach Coordinator

Hailing from Montana’s Hi-Line, Mikyla Veis came to Missoula to pursue her love of theatre arts and fell in love with the landscape and the vibrant, creative people who are drawn to it. A graduate of the University of Montana with majors in Psychological Research and Drama, she loves learning about people and what makes them tick. As an artist, she doesn’t stray too far from the stage, and has worked for the Montana Actors’ Theatre, the Montana Repertory Theatre, and on her own personal theatre projects. One of her most beloved artistic memories was reading entrails and cackling as a witch in Macbeth at the Crystal Theatre. She has always loved graphic design and media arts, and enjoys making beautiful things. She most recently assisted the Missoula Public Library and the Library Foundation to support and promote the Capital Campaign for a new library in Missoula. She couldn’t be happier to be part of the amazing team at the ZACC.