Karlene Kantner

Youth Education Program Director

Karlene Kantner is excited to be our new Youth Education Director who will be leading the ZACC's Young Artists After-school Program (YAAP) starting August 27th! While Karlene is new to this position she is no strange to the ZACC, having taught classes at the ZACC since 2009. A Montana native, Karlene's work is derived from the both micro and macro-cosmic places that influence our existence and the dialogue that surrounds them. She is intrigued by the incorporation of children's work into public art and blending the line between artist and audience. When Karlene is not teaching she is developing her ceramic work in the company of her dog.

Karlene's Passion Outside the ZACC
Karlene is a classically trained potter, working both on wheel and hand-building high-fire vessels and sculptures. Her work is constantly molding and reshaping to showcase new skillsets she acquires along her path of constant discovery.