Supporters & Donors

The ZACC is grateful for the generosity to support our mission to deliver all ages arts education, foster sustainable community development, and promote accessible, life-enriching art experiences for Missoula residents and visitors. Our little non-profit art center has become a pillar to Missoula to which our donors' support was integral.

Art Angel (1,000+)

  • The Top Hat
  • Annie Schaub
  • Bente Winston
  • Bravo! Catering
  • The Brink Gallery
  • Emily Harrington
  • Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation
  • Gallagher Foundation
  • Hospice of Missoula
  • Jill Perelman
  • Jamie Herring
  • Missoula Community Foundation
  • Montana Arts Council
  • Montana Cultural Trust
  • Morris & Helen Silver Foundation
  • PROP Foundation
  • Ryan Douglas
  • Sara Forsythe (Hanna Hannan) 
  • Susan Reahard
  • Trent Taher
  • Sustainable Lumber Company

Art Ally (500+)

  • Briar Diggs
  • Chris Jackson
  • Good Food Store
  • Jill Perelman
  • AAA Plumbing
  • Andrew & Jennifer Parker
  • Anne Hoell
  • Women's Resource Center

Art Advocates (250+)

  • Chris Lombardi

Art Activists (100+)

  • Cricket Wingfield
  • Sara Smith
  • Nancy McCourt
  • Elizabeth McCubbin
  • Aimee McQuilkin
  • Mathew McQuilkin

Please show your appreciation for such generosity when you see these individuals, foundations, and organizations.

Would you like to be a supporter of the ZACC?

There are many ways you can become involved and take part in supporting your art community center. One way is to become a Member!

Consider giving your time by volunteering . Volunteers are Missoula's Community Art Center's most important asset. They do more than answer phones and greet visitors – they provide the very framework of our organization and have from the very beginning.

If you are interested in donating to the ZACC feel free to do so online by the button in our search bar or call us and talk with our Executive Director! We would love to hear what your interests are and where you would like to see your support go.