DIY Studios

The Zootown Arts Community Center provides DIY (Do It Yourself) Studios in pottery painting, glass fusing, clay hand-building and print making. These studios are open to the public during our business hours. Each offers a different art form for a variety of skill levels. Come in and explore them today!

The ZACC Clay Hand-building Studio offers an incredible deal on clay for the art and joy of handbuilding! Clay is a dynamic, fun, and sometimes messy medium with countless possibilities. We provide hand-building tools and a quick general instruction.  Feel free to come in anytime we're open--no reservations necessary!  When you come through the door we'll lead you back into our studio and make sure you have the basics down to create a successful piece! 

The ZACC Glass Fusing studio is a great place to fall in love with glass or continue your long relationship with the material. Glass fusing can be incorrectly perceived as an unattainable art skill, but in reality this beautiful art form is accessible and easy for all skill levels and age levels. We do require patrons of our glass studio to take our Glass Fusing Orientation class to assure they know how to work with glass to assure the safety and success of their piece.

The Paint Your Own Pottery Studio is Missoula's community pottery painting center! Painting pottery is a great idea for special occasions or just as a pastime. We have small figurines for kids and kitchen ware for our older painters. Friends and family alike will treasure pieces that are personalized by you.

The ZACC Printshop offers the space and supplies to accomplish silk-screening, relief printing, and intaglio printing. Our Printshop houses a Laguna Etching Press with a 26" x 48" bedplate, a Craftsman Machine Co "Monarch" Letter Press. In order to use the printshop we do require either one-on-one walkthroughs with our Printshop Manager or a 5-week printmaking course.