Write, Rock & Record Birthday Bash

In our Write, Rock & Record party option you receive a 2 hour party for your child and 7 of their friends. The kids, ages 8 and up, will have the opportunity to write an original song, learn to play all the instrumentation and record their very own hit single. 

The ZACC provides:

  • All instruments
  • Professional Instructors
  • A CD of the original song for all attendees
  • A song writing workshop
  • Awesome Lighting
  • Sound and Recording Equipment

You Provide:

  • Food
  • Birthday Cake or Cupcakes + Candles
  • Plates and Cups

Cost: $20 non-refundable booking fee + $250

Call the ZACC to book your party- 406-549-7555

We ask that you please provide a *minimum* of two weeks notice when scheduling this type of party, to ensure availability of specialized equipment and facilitator.