Rachel Patrie

AMP Director

Rachel was born and raised outside of Bismarck, North Dakota where she first discovered her love of music. Her early life was filled with memories of gathering around a piano and singing harmony, family band style. These quaint beginnings instilled a passion for music that carried her into her adult life, and eventually rooted her in Missoula. She truly believes in the magic of music and it’s ability to create new relationships with strangers, the community and even one’s own self.

Aside from music, Rachel has spent the last six years in early childhood education. Three of these years blissfully teaching Kinder Musik at various preschools; as well as, working as a freelance grant writer for various community development projects.

Rachel is thrilled to uphold and further the AMP program by creating accessibility  for the Missoula people to cultivate self and community betterment through music.

Passion Outside the ZACC
Rachel Patrie is a Missoula musician who has performed in various local bands such as J. Sherri, Eminent Curse, Multi-Rachel, Glass Spiders, Haunted By Waters, etc.