Missoula Monster Project

Friday, September 8, 2017 - 5:30pm

Zootown Arts Community Center and SPARK! Any Given Child Missoula present the Third Annual


The call for artists for the third annual Missoula Monster Project opening on September 8, 2017 will be opened in May of 2017.  Please check back then to submit to be an artist!  

Zootown Arts Community Center (ZACC) and SPARK!/ Any Given Child Missoula are teaming up to showcase the third annual Missoula Monster Project. Originally conceived by nine year-old Asa Smetanka, this show is a collaboration between children and adult artists, working together to create monster artĀ based on monsters dreamed up by the children. Kindergarten classes from three Missoula County public schools will create original monster and assigned local adult artists will  interpret the child's monster  using his/her own unique style and medium. The results will be displayed in a September 9th, 2016, art show, featuring both the original child-drawn monsters and the artists.

This project's purpose is to bring more art into the public schools! In an effort to foster that, a minimum 50% of the earnings from this show will go towards bringing MCPS (Missoula County Public School) kids to the ZACC for art classes. 


SIZE: Your piece can be 8" by 8" (or smaller). This INCLUDES the frame. 

  • Note: We have to hang 400 pieces of artwork.  It is imparative your piece is 8 inches or smaller in order to fit in the show.  Larger pieces will be disqualified and not shown.  We ask for your understanding and compliance. 

READY TO HANG: Your piece must be ready to hang. If it is 2D then there must be a wire on the back. If it is 3D you must provide a shelf that can attached to the wall and bear the weight of your piece. 

  • Note: Again, 400 pieces!  If your 2D piece does not have a hanging wire we may struggle to put it up and find it cannot be in the show.  If your 3D piece doesn't have a shelf we have grounds to not include it in the show. Help the ZACC make this hard show to hang a smidgen easier by following our few but strict guildlines. 

DEADLINE: Please drop your piece off to the ZACC between by August 16, 2017. 

  • Note: Your piece needs to be at the ZACC on time to assure it is in the show. 

COMMIT: Remember that the child who drew the monster you are making a rendition of is very excited to see your piece. By signing up you have committed to this project. 

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