Geoff Peddicord

Board Member

Geoff cut his teeth in the Outdoor Industry where he learned the finer art of building a brand and creating lifestyle based marketing on a non-existent budget. In layman’s terms this meant he was expected to bust his butt and produce results with no money. Thankfully, his DIY work ethic was the perfect match for this task and soon he was making strides in one of the world’s most competitive industries.After earning his chops working alongside iconic brands such as Ruff Wear, REI, Orvis, Patagonia, Life is Good, Cabela’s, etc., he was asked to join a small, elite team of marketing and branding professionals at an exclusive marketing agency in Missoula, Montana. It was here that he had the opportunity to manage some of the biggest brands in the world while working with marketing’s most well respected designers, copywriters, digital marketing experts and photographers.Today, he's Vice President, Marketing Director of First Security Bank in western Montana. He is also the founder and "Head Counselor" of Brand Camp Creative - a brand reputation and marketing strategy collective. The Brand Camp team works with select clients in highly specialized and competitive markets.