Private Bob Ross Party!

Host your own private Bob Ross Night!  Gather your goofy friends for an entertaining evening at the ZACC.  We will provide a glass of wine and all the materials (oil paints, canvases, turpentine, etc.) for you to create your very own Bob Ross landscape.  Our instructor will assure your success by walking you through the process, pausing when needed, and restocking your paint.  

For private parties you're welcome to bring more wine to keep the laughter going, as well as snacks, although we don't strongly recommend the later as your hands might be a bit paint-y and not appropriate for finger-licking. 

We invite you to Bring on your Bob Ross wigs, impressions, and appreciation the calming man that is Bob Ross!

The cost is $35 per guest and is limited to 12 guests.  This is a two-hour event. 
The minimum amount of gusts in order to host a private event is 5.  If you have cancellations and do not have 5 guests, you will still be charged for 5 guests.
Call us to schedule your event!