ZACC ARTeries Sustainable Giving Program

Each month, the ZACC offers art experiences for all ability levels, eight hours a day, six days a week. Charitable donations are the lifeblood that allow us to do that.


Like any heart, the ZACC needs strong arteries to convey creative arts programming to Missoula. Your gifts can help pump Missoula full of art, all year round, by becoming arteries for the ZACC.


Please choose your gift amount from the drop down menu,
then click the heart to enter your payment information.

What is an ARTery?  

Artery (n): any of the muscular-walled tubes forming part of the circulation system by which blood (mainly that which has been oxygenated) is conveyed from the heart to all parts of the body.


ARTery (proper noun): A ZACC donor whose monthly donations convey oxygenated ART from the heart of Missoula’s art community (ZACC) to all parts of Missoula.


ZACC ARTeries can choose to give at a number of levels, and each will have a positive impact.


Number of ARTeries needed to support ZACC Operations

Giving Level

Annual Gift

(Amount per Donor)


$10 month

$120 a year


$15 month

$180 a year


$25 month

$300 a year


$50 month

$600 a year


$75 month

$900 a year


$100 month

$1200 a year 

$1000 in donations to the ZACC per month creates:

  • Opportunities for artists to show work

  • Classes for young or emerging artists to strengthen their skills

  • Art materials

  • Outreach with schools and other community organizations

  • A place for anyone to come and create

  • A home for art of all kinds


We want to see 150 ZACC donors choose to make sustainable gifts to the ZACC by the end of 2018.


You can be a conduit for Art in Missoula. Become an ARTery today!